Another solution in Macrosoft’s repertoire of impressive migration solutions is legacy code Reengineering. Our Reengineering projects have enabled our clients to upgrade to new technology by means of reverse engineering existing legacy systems while breaking down the code into intelligible, re-combinable and restructured programs that run in robust environments e.g. client-server. We help our clients pick out the best Reengineering solutions based on their current technology standing.

Reengineering is, by contrast, a much more complex project undertaking than Porting is. It requires extensive discussion with client before a strategy is reached. Reengineering often involves operations restructuring and organizational changes while reducing dependence on previous legacy system knowledge and resources. At the same time it places a company on the forefront of current modernized legacy systems in the market, linking them with information channels, 24/7 live operations and round the clock business transactions.

Reengineering project success draws on the fact that the legacy system is allowed to run in parallel after installation, while testing and turn-over are being completed. Since Reengineering solutions essentially are new systems, a total commitment and involvement from the legacy user base is required in training for knowledge gaps. It also calls for extensive amount of UAT and user involvement in translation of correct operations procedures and a complete capture of business rules.

Reengineering expands a company’s computing options by providing open system capabilities, making cloud computing an option. Macrosoft utilizes best-in-class output composition and comparison tools to meet the client’s output expectations.