Macrosoft offers Mainframe Porting services as an effective solution to modernizing an organization’s legacy assets. Our Porting solution offers the ability to move software to the client-server environment without the need to rewrite all of the applications. In effect, the code is downloaded with only minimal changes required.

Porting is the best solution when you want to save rewrite costs for your mainframe system. Advantages of choosing porting as a solution include faster system turnover and execution safety due to code translation.

Macrosoft ensures that your Porting project performance is successful by testing during and after development and installation. We compare and match mainframe and client-server output so your resources need minimal training. We use state-of-the-art methods and tools to automate testing for file comparison ensuring that your data paths are identical. Finally, our keen step-by-step testing process ensures that each legacy process is translated and ported without fail.