Macrosoft’s mainframe migration solution highlights Emulation as another elegant solution. We specialize in downloading the entire mainframe platform to client-server environment and use the umbrella of software that simulates the mainframe.

We enable our valued clients to choose Emulation as a solution based on their current and future technology considerations. In theory, the application code can be lifted ‘as is’ from the legacy platform and run on the emulator layer (running as a middleware layer on top of target operating system). This allows the client/server environment to run the application code as the legacy platform did. Application code behaves and reacts just like it had in the legacy system. While some systems are easier to emulate than others, some may require a combination of reengineering and emulation solutions.

Our mainframe migration expert consultation services enable you to review your technology and infrastructure considerations, lock down business rules, define target platforms and resources, make legacy team restructuring decisions, convert legacy code and empower your people to master the new system.