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Migrate, Modernize and Optimize Your Legacy Assets with Macrosoft's Robust Cost-Effective Mainframe Migration Solutions

  • Lower annual operating costs 30-70%
  • Flexible platforms for future growth of systems
  • Simplification of processes and workload environments
  • Elimination of vendor dependence Capitalize on current investments

Flexible Legacy Modernization Service Offerings

In today's legacy conversion market no one prepackaged solution is right for everyone. Macrosoft offers solutions customized to your specific need. We have assisted our clients in successful migrations by helping them select migration solutions that were right for their site, their management and operations, resource base and perfect fit for their current and future needs. We take pride in helping clients choose the right flexibility and migration mix to create a solid investment for the long-term future.

Macrosoft focuses on three key Mainframe Migration Solution areas:  Porting, Reengineering and Emulation.

  Reengineer Software Cost Code Converter Effort Time Risk Technology Gain
Porting Medium Medium Code Generator Medium Medium Medium 50% technology gain
Reengineering High Low* OOP High Slow High Latest Technology
Emulation Low High No code conversion Low Fast Low No technology gain
            * Depends on in-house software availability


  • Mainframe Porting

    Mainframe Porting

    Move software to client-server environment without the cost of rewriting all of it

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  • Mainframe Reengineering

    Mainframe Reengineering

    Reverse engineering of existing legacy systems that run in robust environments

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  • Mainframe Emulation

    Mainframe Emulation

    We enable our valued clients to chose Emulation as a solution

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